The value of a well-organized and robustly constructed garage is indispensable, especially during the holiday season when everyone drives back home to have a moment with their family. The extra space offers a safe haven for vehicles, essential tools, and supplies. The celebration mood during the holiday season calls for the need to make some necessary upgrades, and that’s where the following notable garage updates come in.

1. Install Electric Garage Doors

Although we aren’t always busy with official and corporate duties during the holiday season, we are ever busy in the kitchen and outdoors interacting with our loved ones. Besides, in this technological era, it wouldn’t make sense to have to come out of your vehicle to open the garage door, get back to the car, and then get out to close the garage door. You want convenience and total control over the way you lock your stuff in the garage. Installing an electric garage roller door is a necessary upgrade. Electric garage doors are secure, easy, and convenient to control.

Roller shutter garage doors are more popular because of their ability to fold upwards to save garage space. Side-hinged garage doors are less costly and offer the same level of security, but they take up lots of space. Sectional garage doors comprise multiple panels that run lengthways on a rail to open and close. These doors are strong, offer high-security levels, and can efficiently retain heat.

2. Install High-End Garage Openers and Operators

Garage door operators and openers optimize the efficiency and smooth operation of your garage door. A heavy-duty, reliable, and robust garage door opener with a high-efficiency traveling motor operator system delivers smooth garage door operation while boosting overall door performance. Purchase and have a professional garage door expert install a high-end garage opener with a smooth-operating motor track carriage and strong chain if you want to get a maintenance-free and smooth experience operating your garage door during the busy holiday season.

You want to purchase a highly innovative garage door opener with an intelligent motor carriage. That will enable you to connect multiple accessories and components to the door opener to enjoy superior flexibility and convenience. Some high-end garage door openers come with separate control units, enhancing the maneuverability and usefulness of the garage doors.

3. Add High-Quality Shelves and Cabinetry

A lot of stuff in your bedroom, dining room, and kitchen will likely find its way to the garage during the holiday season. The sad truth is, your garage is likely already crowded, and you might not have additional space to keep extra stuff. However, if you invest in high-end cabinetry and shelving, you can increase the usable space of your garage to accommodate more stuff.

Modern cabinetry and shelves have unique designs and fashionable styling that can boost the look of your garage while supplementing the storage space of the garage. Get a garage specialist to install wall-mounted cabinets or hanging shelves to give your garage more storage spacing.

4. Upgrade Garage Lighting

The minimalistic design and usability of garages make most homeowners forget about the necessity of installing suitable lighting systems. It’s not uncommon to find that your garage still has that old overhead door light and other dim bulbs. Before the holiday starts, you can add beauty and functionality to your garage by investing in modern and stylish lighting fixtures. Adding strips on the garage sides can provide excellent ambient lighting levels while giving your car a glare of publicity. The right lighting fixtures can make your garage space look and feel more welcoming.

5. Update Your Garage Flooring

If your garage has lasted some years, the flooring has likely worn out and may not always give that appealing look it originally had. If your current garage flooring is made of concrete, you can upgrade to a more advanced flooring option such as epoxy, ceramic, or vinyl sheet flooring. The best flooring system can insulate and enhance the overall look and functionality of your garage. In deciding which flooring system to install in your garage, keep the garage’s use in mind. If the sole use of the garage is keeping heavy-wheeled machines and vehicles, you want to install a heavy-duty and durable flooring system.

Hire Professionals to Upgrade Your Garage

Most garage upgrades are best left to one of our knowledgeable and experienced garage door technicians. If you’re a homeowner in Montgomery, IL, or surrounding areas and looking to upgrade your garage, contact the technicians at [company name]. We work with trusted garage door technicians with experience installing and maintaining fire doors, garage door openers, and new entry doors.

Our garage door technicians repair and replace all types of garage doors, including sectional garage doors, roll-up garage doors, up-and-over retractable, canopy garage doors, and side sliding doors. We replace faulty cables, repair overhead doors, replace garage door springs, handle garage door maintenance and replacement. We also replace damaged garage door hinges and rollers. You can call us today to talk with our technicians to arrange for scheduled preventative garage door maintenance inspections.

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