As an Illinois homeowner, ensuring the security of your home is paramount, and often, the garage is an overlooked entry point that intruders can exploit. Your garage not only shelters your vehicles but often also serves as an additional storage space for valuable items. Therefore, enhancing garage door security is ideal for overall home security. This guide will explore some practical, easy-to-implement tips to bolster your garage door security and provide peace of mind.

1. Always Close the Garage Door

One of the easiest yet effective methods is always to ensure your garage door is closed, even when you’re at home. An open garage door is an open invitation for potential burglars to scope out what’s inside.

More importantly, it provides easy access to your home. Always double-check if the door is closed before you leave or retire for the night. Consider investing in a smart garage door opener to check the status and control your garage door remotely.

2. Share Garage Codes Wisely

Sharing your garage door code should be done sparingly. Only trusted family members and close friends should have access to it. Remember, the more people who know your code, the higher the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

If you need to share the codes temporarily, for example, with a pet sitter or a tradesperson, consider getting a smart garage door opener that allows you to set temporary access codes that expire after a set period. Additionally, avoid storing your garage door code in obvious places like a keypad near the garage or writing it down on paper. Instead, commit it to memory or store it securely in a password manager.

3. Ensure to Do Preventative Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your garage door is not only essential for its proper functioning but also critical for security. A malfunctioning door or damaged locks and hinges can make your garage an easy target for intruders.

Inspect the door regularly, check if all parts are working correctly, and replace any damaged components promptly. Proper maintenance will also prolong the life of your garage door and save you from expensive repairs down the line.

For this, consult a professional garage door repair service and schedule regular maintenance check-ups to prevent potential security breaches. BDK Door Company provides efficient and reliable garage door maintenance services for Montgomery, IL, and the surrounding areas.

4. Install a Smart Garage Door Opener

Consider switching to a modern smart garage door opener if you have not yet done so. These devices enable real-time tracking and management of their garage doors by a smartphone app. The other security functions include real-time notifications every time it opens and closes the door.

Other models also permit voice control using virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Smart garage door openers often come with geofencing capabilities that allow you to close the door conveniently when leaving and open it when coming home.

Additionally, you can grant temporary access to visitors or set up a schedule for the door to open and close at specific times. These added features provide an extra layer of security and convenience for homeowners.

5. Reinforce the Integrity of Your Garage Door

Also, consider reinforcing the integrity of your garage door itself. For example, you can install a deadbolt lock to supplement the existing locking mechanism on your garage door. Another option is to add a metal bar or wood beam across the inside of the door for added strength and support.

Additionally, check if your garage door has a vulnerable emergency release mechanism. Older models have manual open cords that pull the door open manually if there is no power or the remote control is defective. Securing this cord is important as intruders can use it to enter the garage. If you’re ever uncertain about the condition of your garage door, BDK Door Company offers inspections to help catch potential issues before they become true problems. Preventive maintenance is never a bad idea.

Securing your garage door is an essential step in strengthening overall home security. Following these tips will allow your garage to remain a sheltered haven for all your important possessions, including cars. Also, always stay vigilant and on top of maintenance to prevent any potential security breaches.

Don’t wait for a security breach to take action. At BDK Door Company, we take great pride in offering top-notch residential garage doors and commercial garage doors. From installing a new garage door that ensures safety and security to upgrading it with the latest smart technology, we have all it takes to give you peace of mind, knowing that your garage door will always be functional.