Whether you’ve changed the batteries in your garage door opener or updated your remote, there are a variety of reasons you might want to reprogram a garage door opener. The last thing you want is to be stuck without a way into your garage, so read on for information on how to program your garage door opener.

Check Compatibility

Before beginning, make sure your garage door remote is compatible with your opener. Some brands might not play well with one another, though there are also a variety of universal remotes out there. Check your remote’s manual and the garage door opener manufacturer’s website to verify that the remote will work with your opener. Once you’re sure the two are compatible, you can get started.

Locate the Learn Button on the Power Box

The first thing you’ll want to do is locate a button on your garage door mechanism’s power box called the “learn” button. It’s normally located above the antenna wire, just over the head of the motor. Additionally, it could be under a light cover. In most cases, this learn button will be either yellow, purple, red, orange, or green.

Pair the Remote

Make sure you have the remote you want to program, then press the learn button. The light on your opener (or the button itself, depending on the model) should start to blink; if it doesn’t, press and hold it for a moment. The blinking indicates that your garage door opener is ready to pair with the remote, a state that lasts approximately 30 seconds. Within 30 seconds of pressing the learn button, hold down the button on your remote you want to associate with the opener. Generally speaking, you’ll want to hold it for around three seconds. (Regardless, don’t hold the learn button too long! We’ll get to that below.)

If the programming is successful, you should see your garage door opener’s LED turn off. Many opener models will also flash their lights momentarily to indicate that it worked. The best way to know if it worked, though, is to test it! Give your system a moment after you’ve paired the remote, then press the button. If your garage door opens and closes, then you’re good to go!

Keep in mind, however, that these are only general instructions. Some garage door remotes might require a different sequence of button presses, such as holding down a specific Program button before pressing it again. Check your remote’s and opener’s instructions for full details.

What About Keypads?

Your garage door remote is only one part of the equation; chances are you also have a keypad you can use to open the door should your remote run out of batteries or become lost. The process will vary a bit more than with remotes themselves, so it’s best to check your keypad’s instructions. (Also, make sure that, if your keypad is battery-powered, it has fresh batteries in it!)

Generally speaking, the process is similar to linking a new remote with your opener. You may need to enter your PIN or a manufacturer-specified number, but afterward, there should be a “Program” button to press. (This can also be the # button.) Your keypad’s status light should start blinking, prompting you to enter your desired PIN. Do that, then press the program button again.

Once you’ve set your PIN, it’s business as usual: Press the learn button, and within 30 seconds, input your PIN and press your keypad’s confirmation button. You should see the lights on your opener blink to confirm a successful program. Input your PIN and test your garage door. If it opens and closes, you’re all set!

Remember: You Can Erase Old Programs

Of course, it is important to note that the learn button on any garage door opener has two different functions. It’s used not just to program garage door remotes and accessories, but also to clear the opener’s memory. This is particularly useful if you move into a house that already has a keypad — you can change the code to something you can remember as well as erase codes that former tenants or homeowners may have used.

Erasing old codes is a simple process: Just hold the learn button. The duration will vary between manufacturers, but you’ll want to hold the button for approximately six seconds in most cases. The LED should go out entirely to indicate a successful erasure.

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