Commercial garage doors are often used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and establishments with on and off-loading operations. Commercial garages can also be used to store some valuable goods. The door needs to be strong enough to withstand frequent use and prevent break-ins. This leads to the use of heavy-duty materials, and the door can be bulky and energy-consuming during manual operation. If your commercial door is chain or belt-driven or if it opens through jackshaft operations, you may need to upgrade to a smart system, and here are some reasons why.

1. Enhanced Security

A smart commercial garage door is more secure as the system locks it whenever it closes and can only be opened with a suitable device. You can use other opening features, such as voice recognition, fingerprint scanning and code, ensuring only authorized persons can access the garage. In an attempted break-in, the system sends you notifications via your smartphone, and you can take the necessary precautions. Surveillance cameras, door alarms and smart locks are home systems you can use alongside smart garage doors to increase security. You can also turn off the smart opener to restrict people from accessing the door in your absence.

2. Accessibility

Traditional garage doors only operate when the remote control is a few meters away, but with smart systems, you can check whether the door is locked correctly regardless of your distance from the door. You can close them even when away or open them to let someone in. You can also schedule opening or closing times so that the door automatically opens or locks if you have a daily routine. This is made possible through installing an app on your smartphone to customize your door to your preference.

3. Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

Smart garage doors have sensor data analytics, which provides visibility into usage trends. With advanced features, you can get notifications when parts need repair or replacement to prevent premature breakdown of the door. You can also monitor your garage when away to know its operation so that you can tell when it’s accessed.

4. Energy Efficiency

Smart garage doors can help you reduce energy consumption in your commercial building. Since most garage doors are used to store items that are temperature sensitive, HVAC systems are used to maintain the proper condition. Leaving the garage door open can strain the HVAC system due to the escape of the conditioned air and entry of outdoor air. Smart garage doors have sensors that automatically close the door and prevent energy loss due to extended periods when they are open.

Smart garage doors also use minimal energy for operation, depending on the model. You can also monitor the power usage of the garage door, and when there is a sudden peak, you can take prompt action to fix the issue. For better operation and energy savings, commercial garage doors can be integrated with other smart devices, such as thermostats or lighting systems, to ensure the garage is conditioned and the lights are turned on only when occupied.

5. Operation With Multiple Devices

Mobile devices are used as controls for smart garage doors. Unlike traditional garages controlled by a single remote, you can connect multiple devices so that different people can access the garage. You can have extra security control and add or remove the devices anytime. This also prevents the constant worry of repairing or losing the remote.

6. Enhanced Safety

Commercial garage doors are bulky due to the use of heavy-duty material. Old and deteriorating manual doors require a lot of energy to lift them off the ground, and people with medical conditions may be unable to operate them comfortably. The door can cause injuries if it accidentally closes due to faults. Smart garage doors prevent this problem by automating the opening and closing process to avoid heavy lifting. They also have safety sensors that prevent the door from closing when something is on its way.

Upgrading to smart garage door systems may be expensive, but it has benefits that make it a worthy investment. Our professionals at BDK Door Company can help you upgrade your garage door to a smart model. We have been providers of residential and commercial garage doors in Montgomery, IL and the Fox Valley areas for over 40 years. Contact us today at BDK Door Company for unparalleled repair, maintenance, and installation services.

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