Garage doors obviously play an important role by keeping your garage secure and allowing you to park inside. What many people don’t understand is how important the garage door is for the overall look and style of the home. The garage door is one of the main features that people first see when looking at your house, which means that replacing it with a new door is one of the easiest ways to quickly give your home a makeover that will increase its beauty and help it to look more modern and stylish.

Improved Curb Appeal

An old, faded garage door can make your home look outdated. Installing a new garage door is almost guaranteed to improve your home’s curb appeal. This can obviously help should you ever decide you want to sell your house. Even if you don’t ever plan to sell, a new garage door will still make your home more beautiful. In fact, replacing your garage door is the easiest and least expensive way to give your home a facelift.

Modern garage doors are available in an almost endless array of colors and designs. This makes it easy to completely change the look of your residence and give it any style you wish. You can opt for a door with a wood finish to give your home a more classic appearance or choose something that has a more sleek and modern style. Upgrading from a plain door to one with handsome windows will also increase your home’s charm.

Increased Home Equity

One thing that many people don’t realize is that a new garage door will also increase the value of the property. In fact, replacing your garage door will provide a better return on your investment than almost any other type of home renovation. Return on investment (ROI) is expressed as a percentage and is a metric that shows how much a home improvement project will increase the value of the home compared to the total cost of the project. Most home improvement projects and renovations such as replacing windows or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen will always cost more than the value they add.

The typical ROI for many home improvements is around 70%, which means that the project will add $700 in value to the home for every $1,000 spent. The average cost to install a new, modern garage door is somewhere between $3,500 to $4,500, and statistics show that the ROI for a new garage door is typically at least 90–95% and often even more than 100% of the cost. This means that your new garage door could easily end up paying for itself and then some if you decide to sell your home within the next 10 years, making garage door replacement one of your best investments.

How to Know If Your Garage Door Needs Replacement

If your garage door is dented, starting to fade, or showing peeling paint, it’s definitely time that you start thinking about having it replaced. Garage door openers will usually last around 10 years, but the garage door itself should last somewhere from 15 to 30 years.

If your existing door is more than 20 to 30 years old, replacing it will provide excellent benefits. Not only will the new door help your home look more beautiful and stylish, but the new door will also work much better and open and close more smoothly. As garage doors age, the panels can often start to bend or warp so that the door no longer opens as easily.

Another thing to consider is that older garage doors are often fairly easy to break into because they don’t lock all that well. Newer doors are much more secure and nearly impossible to break into, which means that installing a new door is also an easy way to improve your home security and keep your family and possessions safe.

One thing you might find surprising is that a new garage door can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. Older garage doors are often poorly insulated, and some aren’t insulated at all. Older doors also often have lots of air leaks underneath and around the top and sides. A new insulated door will help to keep the heat and cold out. Even though garages are never connected to a home’s central heating and cooling system, a poorly insulated, leaking door will still lead to your home heating more quickly in the summer and getting colder in the winter. By installing a new insulated door, you can lessen the strain on your heating and cooling system and thus prevent your energy bills from being quite as high.

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