If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to inspect the garage at least once a year. Regularly inspecting it helps make sure that it lasts as long as possible. You might see something that needs professional attention. Or, it could be totally fine. However, unless you take a look, you won’t know. Here’s an easy process to assess your garage door at home.

1. Start by Ensuring the Photosensors Are Level

The first thing that you should look at is the garage’s photosensors. These are the devices that detect whether something is blocking the door. Usually, you’ll find them along the bottom of the garage’s tracks. Using a level, test whether they’re oriented properly. If they are, the air bubble inside of the level should remain in the center. If they’re not, you’ll need to speak with a professional to correct them.

2. Test Whether the Photo Sensors Function Properly

After ensuring the photosensors are level, you can test their function. Simply put something in between the two photosensors. Then, try to close the garage door. If the garage door stops before closing, your photo sensors are working as they should. Whenever the photosensors aren’t working, the garage door poses a safety hazard. Speak to a pro immediately so that they can fix them.

3. Check the Garage’s Balance

Next, you can see if the garage’s balance is working alright. To do this, manually open the garage. It shouldn’t be too difficult to move. After making sure that you can open it manually, leave the garage door partway open. It should remain in place as long as the balance works. A well-functioning balance ensures that the door never drops unexpectedly. So it’s one of the most important parts of any garage. If something is wrong with yours, contact a professional soon.

4. Test the Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are what pull the garage door along its tracks. You can check them by doing a visual inspection. If you notice signs of rust, it’s probably time to replace them. You can also listen to them while the door is in motion. If they’re making a lot of noise, you need to lubricate them.

5. Inspect the Pulleys

Pulleys are what guide the torsion springs and lifting ropes. These devices look a bit like a wheel. Take a look at them to see if they are signs of disrepair. Usually, pulleys will last quite a while. But if you see anything out of place, have a professional inspect them.

6. Take a Look at the Rollers

Rollers connect the garage door to its tracks. They roll along the track whenever you open or close the garage. Typically, these should be lubricated about once a year. Otherwise, their bearings could start to wear down. Worn rollers often make a lot of noise. If your garage has been noisy lately, ask a professional about replacing its rollers.

7. Listen to the Hinges

Hinges connect each of the door’s panels to each other. While the garage opens, they allow it to flex along its tracks. Sometimes, they’ll show signs of rust. If you see anything like that, you might need to replace them. Otherwise, you can regularly lubricate them to prolong their lifespans.

8. Look at the Garage Door’s Panels

Next, take a close look at the panels themselves. Occasionally, these may get dented or bent out of place. Most of the time, that won’t impact the door’s performance. To be sure, have a professional take a look at them. You might be able to push the dents out by applying a bit of pressure. Otherwise, replacing them is your best option.

9. Test the Garage’s Weather Stripping

Finally, look at the rubber weather-stripping surrounding the garage door. Usually, there’s a single piece of rubber along the bottom. When the door is closed, it should be flush with the floor. Most of the time, there’s also weather-stripping around the sides. If it’s not fully intact, your garage won’t be sealed. Replacing the weather-stripping isn’t hard for a professional. So if you notice anything wrong, have someone fix it.

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