These days, having a locked door is not always enough to protect your commercial building. Old-fashioned door opener remotes are easily hacked. Conventional materials may not stand up to a determined intruder. Here, we’ll discuss some security features available in modern commercial garage doors and how they can protect your business.

Technology to Control Access

If you have a business to protect, you need to control who has access to the building(s). From keypad access with a rolling code to biometric authentication, you can find the right balance between protection and accessibility.

Keypad Entry

A simple numeric code an employee enters to gain entry can be sufficient for some situations. There could be problems, though, if you never change the code. Past employees will still have the code, and keenly observant miscreants can figure it out. One solution is to have a rolling code. Whether you change the code daily, weekly, or monthly, changing the code often helps keep your business secure.

Keycard or Fob

This is an easy way to give people you want instant access and keep everyone else out. There are many different options for this type of unlocking device. Some systems have you touch, insert, or swipe the keycard. Key fobs and some keycards activate the door when you’re within a certain proximity.

The beauty of this type of entry is it protects your business against lost or stolen keys. If a card or fob goes missing, you can simply deactivate it. You can also have a system that automatically logs whose card or fob was used to gain entry and when.

Biometric Technology

Fingerprint and facial recognition are no longer just something you see in movies. Fingerprint technology is available on all kinds of devices, like smartphones and computers. Many phones offer facial recognition to instantly access your device. These technologies can also be linked to your garage door locks to control who has access to your facility.

Remote Monitoring

You can add remote monitoring and access to most locking systems. This enables you to open the garage door when you’re not present. This can be helpful if you routinely have non-employees enter a secure area. It’s much less hassle than having to have someone go down and let them in. Plus, remote monitoring can alert you when someone tries to enter or tampers with the locking device.

Add a Timer

When things get busy, it’s easy to forget that the garage door was left open. When it’s open, anyone can see inside or gain access. With a timer enabled, the garage door will automatically close after a set time.

High-Tech Garage Door Materials

You can have the best security system, but if your door can easily be broken, it won’t do any good. It’s essential to invest in high-impact locks and garage doors made with robust materials. Parts supporting the door also need to be of high quality. Reinforced tracks and hinges enhance the overall security of your building.

Steel and aluminum are common commercial garage door materials. Steel is the most common as it is highly durable and protects against physical damage. Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and durable and can be used in a broader variety of applications.

High-density polyurethane (HDPE) doors are another option. This manufactured material is highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. It has the added benefit of offering thermal insulation. They cost a little more than other materials, but in many cases, the cost is worth it.

Additional Security Measures You Can Take

In addition to the security features of the actual garage door and opener, you have many options to enhance the security of your building against intruders. The door should be a fully integrated part of your overall security system.

Grills and shutters offer an additional physical barrier. This not only restricts access but can also keep the contents of your building safe from prying eyes.

Security cameras are an effective deterrent against vandalism and break-ins. Be sure to have one or more cameras focused on every door or entry point. Motion detectors are another valuable security enhancement. The detectors can trigger lights, cameras, or alarms. Among the many types of motion sensors are passive infrared, ultrasound, and vibration sensors.

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