Garages may be quite useful as a location to store all of your possessions and a place to keep your vehicle away from the elements. When garage doors don’t function properly, they can pose a serious security concern. If your garage door is working well, no one should be able to open your garage door from the outside without your remote control.

Your garage door may not close for various reasons, many of which are simple problems that you can identify and resolve. Some issues, however, may need professionals. Ensuring the door motor is always in perfect condition is a way of keeping your property safe. Motors in poor condition may cause the door not to close and open completely, giving room for intruders to break into your property easily.

How Do You Know Your Door Motor Is Damaged?

1. The Garage Door Opener Rumbles

Does your garage door opener vibrate while the door is being operated? Keep an eye on it since it can be a malfunctioning garage door motor rattling inside its casing.

If the vibrations are considerable, you may notice that the garage door opener is breaking free from where it has been fastened. If this occurs, don’t overlook the situation since the vibrating opener might break away from its mounting place and fall to the ground. This could result in accidents or damage to your car. It could be necessary to replace the motor or make mounting system repairs if you detect your garage door opener wobbling.

2. Excessive Noise From the Door Opener

Do strange noises come from your garage door opener, or is it always loud? These can be warning indicators that the opener’s motor is malfunctioning while the garage door is being opened or closed. It’s possible that your garage door opener model is outdated and has to be replaced along with all its components, including the motor.

Never disregard loud or odd noises, such as creaking, squeaking, or rattling. Ask a garage maintenance and repair specialist to examine the opener to decide if you need a new opener or only a motor replacement.

3. The Garage Door Moves Too Slowly

Is the opening and closing of your garage door a little slower than usual? A broken garage door motor is a potential explanation for the sluggish movement. Your door opener’s motor may not be able to lift the door’s weight and may need to be replaced.

4. Unable to Open the Garage Door

Your garage door opener may stop functioning entirely for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is a burned-out or aged engine. Check it out with a garage door expert to see whether you need to replace it.

Garage Door Motor Pricing

BDK Door Company offers installation services of garage door motors to the residents of Montgomery, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our pricing is also very competitive, with coupons and discounts often available for our services. The prices for garage door motors may vary depending on the type of motor as listed below.

Belt Driven Garage Door Motors

Garage door motors with belt drives may cost between $160 and $450. Instead of a chain, this design opens and closes the door using a steel-reinforced rubber belt. Due to how much quieter it is, it is a popular choice. High temperatures or high humidity might cause the belt to slide on a belt-drive opener, resulting in quicker wear and tear than a chain-drive opener.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Motors

The cost of chain-drive garage door motors may range from around $150 to $250. They are fundamentally constructed such that the garage door is opened or closed by a metal chain moving along rails. Chain-drive motors are dependable, powerful, and long-lasting. This opener may be necessary to support the additional weight of certain hefty garage doors.

Direct Drive Garage Door Motors

A motor with a direct drive typically costs between $300 and $500. They are dependable, almost maintenance-free, silent (perhaps even quieter than a belt drive), and they come with lifetime warranties.

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