Having a garage can be a big convenience for homeowners. From having a place to protect your car from adverse weather conditions to providing extra storage space for your belongings, your garage can be very versatile. However, when your door doesn’t want to open, it can be quite frustrating, to say the least.

Remote Problems

One of the most common culprits of many garage door issues is your remote. You can verify that the issue lies in your remote if you can still open your garage door with your manual pin pad. If you’ve confirmed that your problem is restricted to the remote, start by checking its child lock. It may seem like simple knowledge but all too often, the lock button can get hit and leave you bamboozled as to why your remote isn’t working.

If the lock isn’t on, your remote may simply need new batteries. If batteries don’t make a difference, it’s highly likely that your remove has lost its programming. This can happen from time to time. You’ll need to follow your manufacturer’s instructions to reprogram your remote garage door opener to get it working again.

Broken Springs

Your garage door system has springs that are responsible for doing the heavy lifting of your door. It’s easiest to think of these springs as the muscles that maneuver your garage door where you need it to go. From time to time, your springs can break and cause your door not to open. In most cases, you can physically examine the garage door springs and locate any that have broken. It’s imperative that you have a garage door professional remove the old spring and replace it with a new one for your safety.

Sensor Issues

Tiny sensors are just inside your garage door on both sides. These are a built-in safety mechanism that helps to ensure no one gets crushed by the garage door. A beam connects both sensors to one another. Whenever that beam is interrupted, it will cause the sensors to trip, and your garage door will stop closing and actually reverse.

There are numerous reasons that you may experience an issue with your sensor. The most common is a dirty sensor eye. When dirt or debris gets stuck on the eye of the sensor, it can obstruct the beam and cause it to trip. If either sensor gets accidentally moved out of alignment, it will disrupt the beam. Sunlight and other reflective light can trick the sensor that there’s an obstruction. Furthermore, the photo eye sensor may have simply reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced.

Track Alignment Malfunctions

For your garage door to open and close correctly, it needs to follow a predetermined track. Whenever this track gets bumped out of alignment, it can cause your door to jam or simply not move. In some cases, extreme weather conditions can cause the metal track to bend out of position. In other cases, the rollers that move your garage door along the track may simply wear out, or the bolts and screws holding your track together may come out of place.

Unusual Noises

As you use your garage door day after day, you become accustomed to its normal operational noises. However, if you notice any noise out of the ordinary, it should be a cause for concern. Slapping noises can indicate a loosening problem with the chains on your garage door. Grinding, squealing, or squeaking can indicate a roller problem. Rattling and vibrating can indicate issues with nuts, bolts, and other door hardware. Rumbling and popping is most likely a spring issue. Straining, banging, rubbing, or scrapping can indicate an alignment issue.

Motor Problems

The typical garage door opener motor will last between 10 and 15 years. If you notice that your door seems to be opening much slower than usual, it’s an indication that your opener motor is on its way out of operation. Another indicator of a motor problem is your garage door working intermittently.

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