Just because a garage door is a practical item doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish as well. Over the years, a garage door can begin to look plain and outdated. This can detract from the appearance of the rest of a home. Modernizing a garage door is a simple way to renew the look of your property. It can also bring enhanced features that older doors didn’t have.

Add Windows

A garage door with a solid exterior can look generic and dull. Plus, it can make the garage dark and dreary. Windows are an interesting design detail in a garage door. There are several style options to choose from.

For privacy, you may like a single row of windows across the top of the garage door. Or you may prefer a matching set of four windows on each half of your garage door. Also, the design of a window can curve at the top to add another dash of interest to the door’s appearance.

While an arrangement of windows adds to the appearance of your garage door, it also allows natural light to enter the space. This is an advantage if you have a work area in your garage.

Add Stylish Hardware

Most garage doors have some hardware on them. This includes handles, hinges, knobs, and locks. An older door may have a single metal handle used for manually raising the door if the power goes out. But hardware serves more than a practical purpose. In fact, the right kind of hardware can instantly modernize a garage door.

The hardware on your garage door can reflect the style of your home. While hardware may seem like a small detail, it can enhance the look of your garage door. If your home has a rustic look, your garage door hardware can echo that style. If you have a white front door with black hardware, you can use that same style of hardware for your white garage door.

Insulate the Door

While insulation is not visible from in front of the garage door, it does serve to modernize it. Insulating your garage door helps to maintain a warmer temperature inside your garage. This is beneficial for vehicles, bicycles, and other items stored there. Also, insulation can help a garage door endure the snow, ice, winds, and freezing rain better than an uninsulated one. This may help to extend the life of the garage door and reduce repairs.

Change the Color

Changing the color of a garage door is another way to modernize it. A garage door with a solid, fading color can make the whole house look out-of-date. Giving a garage door a new color or even renewing its current color can instantly refresh its appearance.

Dark trim around the windows can give a garage door a dramatic look. This is especially true if the rest of the garage door is white or another light color.

Change the Material

Replacing a metal garage door with a wooden one is another path to modernizing its look. This is an especially favorable option if you have a wooden front door and/or shutters. All of these wooden features in your home would complement one another.

Change the Design

Maybe your current garage door has simple rows of rectangular or square panels. You can modernize it by replacing the door with a design featuring vertical panels in an attractive carriage house style. Garage doors are available in a variety of designs, making it easy to renew the look of your home’s fa├žade.

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